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clint stephen


in the one who saved my life i am victorious.i am a success in Him.i am an over-comer more than just a conqueror.i might be a minority but i and Him by my side makes it the majority.i dare to get out of my boat.i choose to be a water walker


Hi, my name is Leah I'll find and show you what you want! video here http://cutt.us/j21xxx


Happy birthday brother Clint, may God richly bless you on this special day. 1 Corinthians 1:4


greetings dear friend. 2 corinthians 2:14 says another victory is on ur way,hope that god is giving u new lyrics to and that the words that come forth from your lips will be like a fragrance indeed. god bless, Roweena


as temptations come in the best you can do is proclaim the word of the Lord against it and beieve me....it works!!!!!ive been trying and its going great.....

clint je dodao/la audio fajl grace-my version

clint je pisao/la na cross.bordu od whow

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