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Types of Beequeenhair’s 20 inch extensions

Jul 24, 2019

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You want to have a smooth and beautiful long hair immediately, don’t you? Synthetic hair makes you look unnatural, right? Don’t worry, Beequeenhair can completely help you to solve these problems. We suggest that you should use 20 inch hair extensions. They both bring a new appearance for your hair and display naturalness as well as possible.

1. What is 20 inch hair extensions defined?

You will need to notice that 20 inch length is defined when hair is straight, making other textures can shorten these hair extensions. Even though, their length is still very ideal and actually makes impressions with people around.

How long is 20 inch hair extension?

As their name, 20 inch hair extensions are hair with an ideal length size which is about 50 centimeters. With this length, you can have outstanding medium length hairstyles and easily choose yourself favorite hairstyles such as straight hair, wavy, curly, kinky, fumy, romantic hair and so on. 20 inch hair extensions give your hair a completely fresh and young appearance. May be, your real hair is so thin and short, even bald, it will not the big problem with our 20 inch hair.

hair length chart inch weave human hair extensions

2. Quality of Beequeenhair’s 20 inch extensions

All products of Beequeenhair have the best quality. They have clear origin from 100% Vietnam remy and virgin hair. We guarantee that our hair extensions always look beautiful, smooth and burnished. You will never have to afraid about problems of weak hair, tangles, shedding and lice because they are checked and processed thoroughly from the beginning to bring to you products with the highest quality and the most attractive image.

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3. Types of Beequeenhair’s 20 inch extensions

Beequeenhair takes pride in being one of the most famous and prestigious hair exporters in Vietnam. We have had more than 10 years of experience so that our products are also diverse with different types of hair extensions for customers’ demands.

Bulk hair and weave hair are the first two products of our company. Bulk hair extensions are divided into small bundles with about 100 grams and tightly tied with elastics’ rounds. This type of hair extensions is suitable for traders or wholesalers who want to by a large amount so that they can make different types which are loved by their customers. Whereas, weave hair or weft hair extensions are sew- in types. We sew hair into a long weft to make sure that hair is firmly fixed. This types is very popular because they are neat and easy to use.

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Contact info
Beequeenhair Import-Export Joint Stock Company
Add: No 68, Nguyen Co thach street, Nam Tu Liem district, Ha Noi city
Phone: (+84) 943 564 434

Contact info

Beequeenhair Import-Export Joint Stock Company

Add: No 68, Nguyen Co thach street, Nam Tu Liem district, Ha Noi city

Email: beequeenhair@gmail.com

Phone: (+84) 943 564 434