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Dec 17, 2019

What are Pros and Cons of Wigs?

Today, there are many kinds of hair extensions that are favored by women like weave, clip-in hair, tape-in hair, wigs etc. Among of them, wigs are one of the most beloved hair extensions for many reasons. If you want to hide baldness or change your |još
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Dec 13, 2019

Beautiful styles with black hair

Most people in the world have natural black hair. Despite being a dark hair color, it always looks miracle and charming. Many people think that keeping natural black hair is so tedious and not outstanding. However, that is really a wrong prejudice. Black |još
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Sep 27, 2019

Most stunning and trendiest black hairstyles with highlights

Black is the most common hair color of almost people all over the world. However, it is not the reason that make girls feel tedious with their own natural beauty. They always know how to take advantage of black hair to make the most |još
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Aug 07, 2019

What is A Quick Weave?

Firstly, we need to explore the definition of a quick weave. Many people mightn’t know what a quick weave is. It is a weaving technique where wefts are glued to a skull cap or a protective cap put on the head. This cap has an important duty in |još
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Aug 07, 2019

What are sew- in hair extensions?

Sew-in hair extensions are normally made from human hair. People made wefts of have then from sew in hair salons will help to attach them to your real hair by weaving them to your natural hair using thread and special needle. That is the |još
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Aug 01, 2019


These days hair extensions have become a huge part of fashion. Hair extension not only help women enhance their appearance, but also make them feel more confident in themself. With hair extensions, women don’t have to wait a long time for growing |još
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Aug 01, 2019


Today a number of women who use hair extensions are increased progressively. It is said that women are more confident about their apperance thank to weave hair extensions. Understanding customer’s need, Beequeenhair a prestigious hair extensions |još
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Jul 24, 2019

Types of Beequeenhair’s 20 inch extensions

You want to have a smooth and beautiful long hair immediately, don’t you? Synthetic hair makes you look unnatural, right? Don’t worry, Beequeenhair can completely help you to solve these problems. We suggest that you should |još
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Jul 24, 2019

What do you know about our 22 inch hair extensions?

You need to have an outstanding look for the coming party but still keep your soft character? Or you have to wait too long for a beautiful long hair? Don’t worry, you can have it right now with our 22 inch hair extensions. With this |još
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Jul 24, 2019

What is Beequeenhair’s 24 inch hair extensions?

How do you think if one day, you own a long hair up to 24 inches? Not many people can raise their hair so as to be long like that because it takes a lot of time and cares. However, we have a wonderful way to help you to complete this wish. It is |još
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