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The effect of Google Maps on SEO and site ranking improvement

May 29, 2020

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If you are not aware of the impact of Google Maps on SEO and related factors, don't miss reading this article. We'll tell you how Google Maps and Google Review affect your site's SEO.

The effect of Google Maps on SEO and site ranking improvement, image # 1

Google's dominance of the web is undeniable. According to statistics, each user uses the Google search engine an average of 3 to 4 times a day, and for 35% of people, Google is a permanent resource for finding the products and services they need. With these interpretations, any business operating in cyberspace must be able to adapt to Google and its mechanism.

Google ranks more than 200 different factors for ranking websites, all of which may be difficult to follow. Meanwhile, Google Maps and Google Reviews are very important tools that, if used properly, can significantly improve the SEO status of your website and business. For this reason, we will take a closer look at the impact of Google Maps on SEO and the importance of Google Review in improving site rankings.

The importance of Google Review and Google Maps in SEO

Before we get started, here are some important facts about Google Review that you may be unaware of:

  • Before buying, 9 out of 10 people read reviews and reviews written by other users about a company products.
  • 97% of these people say that written comments affect their purchase.
  • Almost all buyers trust these comments as much as the advice of family and friends!

What about google maps?

  • Eighty-six percent of people use this tool to find the products and services they need.
  • One in five people make their purchase 24 hours after online review of their business and product.
  • 58% of users use smartphones to find different companies.

These figures are a good indication of the impact of Google Maps on SEO and the importance of user feedback.

How much does Google Maps and Google Reviews affect local SEO?

When it comes to local or local SEO , there are two other very important factors to consider: Local Pack and Localized Organic Ranking.

The effect of Google Maps on SEO and site ranking improvement, image # 2

Local pack

Local Pack is part of Google's search results, in which the top three businesses related to your search term are displayed below the map.

According to a review by Moz, reviews and comments from users increase the chances of businesses appearing on the Local Pack list by up to 13 percent and the Google My Business tool (which can be used to pinpoint a company position on a map) by 19 percent. These figures may not be as tempting as they used to be, but they will have a much higher impact compared to menus, social signals, jump rates, and the like.

Local ranking

Although less effective than Local Pack, Google Review and Map have a significant impact on website rankings based on local search, and the variety, quality and quantity of user feedback, as well as My Business signals (including Maps), give you a chance to Showcasing your business after Local Pack will increase it by up to 14%, which is still higher than the impact of social media signals.

Why does Google care about user feedback?

The answer to this question is clear: because your customer feedback is a more reliable source of information than the information you post on your business website. Basically, customer feedback on Google Maps is a form of Online Social Proof, or online social media, for you to verify other Web-based information about your business for Google.

It's interesting to note that Google is not content with just these comments, and user reviews on other websites such as Facebook, Yelp, your own site and many other sources affect the SEO of your site .

The effect of Google Maps on SEO and site ranking improvement, image # 3

What is the impact of Google Maps on SEO?

Google has released a new update on how to rank locally this year, with "being close to the searcher" as the most important factor in ranking sites. However, many businesses are still not properly checking their Google Maps address.

When you register your website in Google My Business, Google automatically pinpoints your business location based on the data you receive from the Internet. If the received data is incorrect for any reason, it means that the position of your company in Maps is not properly recorded. This not only confuses and reduces customers, but also changes the "near-searcher" factor of SEO. In this case, it is enough for some users to report the wrong address of your business to Google to change its status to unreliable.

Improve SEO by choosing the right address and responding to comments

Despite the high impact of Google Review and Google Maps on SEO, many businesses can easily skip these two important factors. If you don't want your business name to be blacklisted by Google, just specify the correct URL via Google My Business. It may take some time to manage Google Review and get users to respond in the first place, but it's definitely worth the time. Responding to user feedback increases your site's credibility with Google and users , and shows that you value them and their feedback.

Usually, brands that are active in this field and interact more with users through Google Reviews are also more reputable with this search engine. Google's main goal is to better display results by prioritizing businesses. Finally, you can help improve your SEO with smart answers. While it's important to provide accurate and polite information, you can make the most of Google Review by using important keywords about your business and the most searched phrases , along with Keyword Targeted Google Organic Web Traffic .

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