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Why AOL desktop gold installation fails

Jul 18, 2019

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AOL Desktop Gold is now a popular desktop software that allows its users to access emailing, browsing, searching, and other services all at one place. Mere by downloading and installing this software, you can enjoy premium security services and ensure the protection of your digital world. Like any other software, AOL Desktop Gold installation also requires a set of instructions to be followed. In case, if you fail to follow the same, you will end up facing a technical glitch.

Apart from this, your AOL Gold download install process may also fail due to the following reasons:

Unstable or lost internet connection

If your system is not connected to a stable internet connection, then it will definitely affect the install as well as AOL Desktop Gold reinstall process. Therefore, check your internet connection and make sure it is not fluctuating.

Lack of system compatibility

If you haven’t checked the system specifications before proceeding to install AOL Desktop Gold and unfortunately, your system doesn’t meet them, then you might not be able to do it.

Accumulation of temporary and junk files

It is always recommended to clean the temporary and junk files that get deposited on your device when you browse the internet or download any software from the web. Similarly, you should also delete all residual files of the software you remove from your PC. After cleaning them up, try installing AOL Desktop Gold.

Pending update for the system drivers

Software updates are always for good; therefore, you should implement them right after you see its notification. Pending update for the system drivers could be a reason behind the interruption in the AOL Desktop Gold installation process. To fix it, update the drivers now!

Antivirus or the Windows Firewall may be stopping it

Antivirus and Windows Firewall work to protect your devices from harmful online threats. Such security software has virus definitions stored in its database. If your AOL software doesn’t fall in the category specified in the database, then the antivirus may stop it from installing. To fix this issue, disable the antivirus for a while and turn it on back again after you complete AOL Desktop Gold installation.

If you still face trouble, it is advised to contact AOL customer support professionals. The team renders its support services all day long, which means you can call a certified and experienced professional at any hour of the day.