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6 Simple Steps to change your AOL password on Android

Aug 07, 2019

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Are you looking out for the easiest steps to change your AOL mail login password? Well, this article is exclusively for you. But, before you proceed to the process for changing your AOL password on your Android device, let’s know about the situations when you have to change the same:

  1. When you observe any unusual activity

So if you have not deleted an email, but it is not there in inbox, then there are chances that your account has been hacked. In case, if you still have its access, then don’t delay in changing its password and avoid any mishap.

  1. To maintain the security of your account

If you haven’t changed your account password for long, then it is advised to change it immediately. Almost all top email clients recommend this to their customers.

  1. If your password is not strong

You created your AOL account in a hurry with a password which you believe is not strong enough. It is the time to take action and change it right away as it may grab the attention of hackers. A password should be a combination of letters, special characters, and numbers. Make sure you set it properly.

Steps to change AOL password

  1. Visit mail.aol.com and enter your registered username or email, and click the Next button
  2. Now, enter your password, Click Sign In
  3. You will see your username at the top-right corner of the AOL mail screen. Right-below to it, click the Options button
  4. Choose Account Info from the drop-down menu. Now, select Account Security from the left sidebar
  5.  Click Change Password. Enter a new password and type it again to confirm
  6. Click Continue, and it’s done

Congratulations! You have successfully changed your AOL mail login password. Use this new password with your registered email address or phone number to access your AOL mail. At any time, if you forget this password, then follow the below-mentioned instructions to recover it:

  1. Go to mail.aol.com
  2. Click Trouble Signing In
  3. Enter any of the following:
    1. Recovery email address
    2. Recovery phone number
    3. Sign in email address or phone number
    4. You will receive a password reset code on your chosen option
    5. Use this code to set a new password for your AOL mail account

For further assistance, contact the AOL support number and speak to a technician.

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