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AOL Desktop Gold auto-update feature not working? Here is the fix!

Aug 09, 2019

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AOL Desktop Gold provides its users a platform to roam in and around the AOL world seamlessly. By performing the steps to install AOL Desktop Gold followed by its download, you can access your AOL mail, search the web, get access to the content, and do a lot more things.

Like any other software or app, AOL Desktop Gold also needs to be updated regularly because every update brings in the latest bug fixes as well as new features. Timely updating your AOL Desktop Gold software also keeps different technical glitches way far from you.

To make sure that your software remains up-to-date, AOL brings in an auto-update feature in the AOL Desktop Gold. After the AOL Gold download install process finishes, you can enable this feature from the settings. On the off chance, if you don’t want the software to be updated automatically, then it is recommended to take action immediately whenever you are notified as “An update is available”.

Those who have enabled the auto-update feature (after the download AOL Desktop Gold process finishes) but facing any problem with it, can implement the fixes given in this article to get rid of the error.

Check your internet connection

The most obvious reason behind the occurrence of this glitch could be a weak or no internet connection. Therefore, verify that your system is connected to a stable and uninterrupted internet network.

Fix the internal file corrupted problem

If any of the internal files in your software gets corrupted, then it may directly affect some or all of the functions of the software. Check for the same by receiving assistance from an AOL support professional.

Check if the option is enabled or not

While making changes to your AOL Desktop Gold settings, you might have disabled the feature. Verify this by visiting the settings and choosing the relevant section.

After performing the aforementioned troubleshooting processes, if the issue persists, then uninstall and reinstall the software by following the stepwise instructions. In case, if it is still not able to update automatically, then don’t delay in connecting to an expert by dialing the AOL Desktop Gold support number.

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