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Meds Delta

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MedsDelta a Trusted Indian Generic Medicines Supplier always provides original and pure quality medicines, especially deals in targeted Cancer Drugs, Hepatitis Drugs, Antibiotic Medication, Kidney Disease Drugs, etc.

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Lenvatinib Capsules E7080 | Lenvima 10mg Capsules | Lenvatinib Price

Jul 03, 2019

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Buy Lenvatinib Capsules which is used to treat kidney cancer, thyroid cancer, and potentially other cancer to, Lenvatinib comes under the strength of Lenvima 4mg and Lenvima 10mg Capsules manufactured by Eisai Pharma. #MedsDelta a generic medicines supplier provides #Lenvatinib Capsules and its brands #Lenvima10mg and #Lenvima4mg etc. across worldwide over 150 countries including U.S.A, China, Laos, France, Malaysia, U.K., Nepal, Russia, Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Hongkong, Philippines, Cambodia, and many other countries.

For any further queries regarding Lenvatinib Capsules, you can contact us directly on our email ID: medsdelta@gmail.com, or can call us at: +91-9971646666, QQ: 3451266709, Skype: medsdelta, WeChat: medsdelta.