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As a tourism worker, mainly engaged in adventure tourism in Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. If you have any questions about these places, please leave a comment. I will be happy to answer your questions.

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local cuisines in Tibet

May 17, 2019

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Do you know where is the highest mountain

Do you know where is the The most beautiful snow mountain

Do you know where is the The highest ancient palace

All of these can be found in Tibet.

when you mention Tibet tour,you can mot miss the local cuisine in Tibet. Especially Tibetan yogurt. Tibetan cuisine has its own unique flavor and is easily distinguished from other local delicacies. It not only has a unique taste but also is full of local culture. I trust that If you travel to Tibet and taste the local cuisine, you can have different feels.





Among the so many local cuisines in Tibet. in my heart,The top three, is Buttered Tea,Tibetan Yogurt and Tibetan Momo.

Buttered tea is the favorite daily essential drink of Tibetans,

Which is also a necessity of life on the Tibetan plateau. It can cure the altitude sickness, prevent lips from breaking due to dry weather, and also keep out the cold. There are certain rules for Tibetans to drink buttered tea, which is generally added while drinking, rather than being dried in one mouthful.

Tibetan Momo is popular among Tibetans. The momo is similar to the traditional Chinese dumpling, but not completely the same. It is actually the Tibetan type bun with some form of filling. Most of the time, Tibetans use yak meat as the filling. Of course, if you are a vegetarian, there are also momo with cabbage, onions, mushrooms, and other vegetables as filling. There are many ways of making momo. But the most commonly used methods are steaming and frying. Sometimes, the momo is also used to make soup.


And then,my best love-Tibetan Yogurt. 

Tibetan yogurt uses fresh yak milk, which is not the same as our daily yogurt. It is made by cooking, cooling and fermenting. Tibetan yogurt is milky white and mushy. The taste of Tibetan yogurt is sour, the texture feels pure and thick, and the milk taste is full. If it is their first time tasting, most people will not be used to the special taste, but after a while, this special taste will be appreciated. When drinking yogurt, depending on your taste, you can add some sugar to mix and eat, and some can also sprinkle with sesame and preserved fruit, which is even more perfect. You can buy this yogurt in Tibet's stall and yogurt specialty store.