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How to change your Outlook mail password

Jan 25, 2019

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Created by the biggest tech company Microsoft, Outlook is an email application tailored to suit the needs of consumers and businesses. With MS Outlook, you can also enjoy text messaging, a calendar to schedule event, and other functionalities. This worldwide popular email service has simple user-interface, which makes it easy to organize the incoming emails. To start sending and receiving emails, you have to create an account on Outlook.

Every time you have to access your emails, Outlook will ask you to provide the registered email ID and password. Entering any of these incorrect would result in the occurrence of an error. In that case, you might have to execute Outlook password reset process or verify the username once again.

While using the email, if you doubt that your account has been compromised or someone is using your email, then changing its password can bring everything back to track. To do this, there are a certain set of instructions that need to be executed. Before you follow them, you should know that the password for your Outlook account is same as your Microsoft account. Step-by-step instructions for the same are:

  1. Go to Microsoft account security page
  2. Choose Change Password
  3. For the authentication purpose, you will be asked to verify your identity. For this, you can choose to receive a security code on the recovery email address or mobile phone
  4. Now, choose Send Code
  5. Enter the received code in the right fields
  6. Click Submit
  7. Provide your existing password and then enter a new password
  8. Retype the password to confirm
  9. Click Save, and it’s done!

When you change Outlook password, it is quite common to have queries. To get immediate answer for all such questions, you can reach out the Outlook mail support experts. They will be glad to assist you!

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