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3 HP printer troubleshooting steps to fix “HP Printer not printing error”

Mar 16, 2019

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HP printers are recognized worldwide for their impeccable quality, excellent performance, ease of installation, affordable cost, and other superior features. Like any other hardware, these printers may also malfunction due to the occurrence of a technical glitch. Apart from this, you may also experience technical difficulties if you don’t perform the right steps for the driver installation, printer set up, HP printer assistant download or any other process associated with your HP printer.

Among the most common problems, “HP printer not printing” is the one that has been faced by hundreds of users. There could be many reasons for the occurrence of this issue. Whatever is the cause, in this article, we have provided you some of the solutions that you can implement to get rid of this issue:

(If you don’t want to perform these HP printer troubleshooting steps on your own, then contact HP support team and get the problem fixed by a certified technician over a remote connection)

Fix 1-

Verify your HP Printer Status

You will face printing related issues if your HP printer is in the offline state. Switch it back to the online mode by taking help from an HP printer assistant. Check if there are enough papers placed in the tray or not. Moreover, verify that there is sufficient ink in the cartridge.

Fix 2-

Cancel all the print commands in the queue

Giving too many print commands in one go may also create a mess and cause the printer to stop printing. Follow these steps to cancel all these commands:

  1. Open the Windows menu and choose Device and Printers
  2. Choose the HP printer from the list of printers displayed
  3. Right-click it See What’s Printing
  4. Now select Open as administrator from printer’s drop-down menu
  5. Choose Cancel all documents

If this didn’t work, try with the solution 3 or dial HP support number.

Fix 3-

Make your HP printer as default

For this, open Device and Printers from Windows’ Control Panel. Now, right-click the HP printer icon and choose Set as a default from the drop-down menu.


Hope the article was informative!

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