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How to Fix printer problems for wireless printer?

Jun 18, 2019

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HP, the well-renowned American multinational company, offers its users the most advanced printers to enjoy hassle-free printing. The launch of HP wireless printers is a sheer example of the same. By bringing out wireless printers for consumers and businesses, HP has made it quite easy to print documents, photos, and other files from your laptop, notebook, mobile phone, or tablet.

You can start using an HP wireless printer by executing a setup process using HP wireless connect, WPS, and HP wireless setup wizard. To know stepwise instructions for all these three methods, you can contact an HP Support Assistant.

Just like any other machine, your HP wireless printer may malfunction or break down at any time. Here, in this article, we have mentioned a few issues that users of the wireless printer have often complained. To help you get rid of these problems, we have also listed possible fixes of the same:

1.       Printer gets automatically disconnected from the network

To resolve this problem, check out the following:

  • Restart your computer system, printer as well as the wireless router
  • Check if both the devices, i.e. printer and the computer is connected to the network or not
  • Did you make any change (downloading any networking software or drivers) recently on device?
  • Are you connected to the VPN?
  • Did you change your IP address?

If none of the above has happened, then get the HP printer assistant and let it diagnose and troubleshoot the issue. And if the problem persists, contact the HP support team for the immediate assistant.

2.       Problem while installing the printer

Without the proper installation, you won’t be able to print the documents, media, and other files. If you have already tried installing it and failed miserably, then check if you have followed these steps or not:

  • Connect the printer as well as the computer system to the same network
  • You will now be prompted by Connection Type
  • Choose any of these:
    • "Through the Network"
    • "Network"
    • "Wireless"
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to finish the process

For HP printer troubleshooting of any error occurred in between this process, contact HP customer support team.

3.       Unable to print after successfully connecting the printer to the computer system

Check on the following to get rid of this problem:

  • Your network connection may be weak
  • Either of the two, your printer or computer system is no longer connected to the network
  • Security software or the antivirus may be blocking the printer to perform its operation
  • You might be working over a virtual private network
  • The wireless router might not be functioning properly
  • Your IP address might have changed

For further information on this, reach out to a support professional.

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Source: http://hp-customer-service-number.com/fix-printer-problems-for-wireless- printer/