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EducationWays|United States

We offering, non-profit Education service to help Humanity

How Education Can Change Your Life

When I was a spry young chap, a fledgling sixteen-year-old child, my days were spent stuck in the future. Where am I going? What do I want? Is this whole school thing working for me? Sure, I had been successful in school, and I had a mostly clear path to a good university, but I was unaware if that success would lead me to a fulfilling life. Thankfully, I went to a technical high school, where I had the same teacher for the four years I spent there. My teacher knew me well enough at this point to know that I was wallowing in my thoughts and decided to lend me a hand. What he did for me next was something that I had not thought would happen, something I never felt as if I had experienced: he provided clarity. To that point in my life, being a highly-neurotic, anxiety-riddled little twerp, my mind was always swirling with contradictions, fear, and unanswerable questions. And, in one moment, he swooped in, provided the situation to me objectively, and gave me a nudge so I could come to my own decision. This, my friends, is the case for education.

If you were to ask somebody why they thought education could change a life, they would say something about setting yourself up for prosperous adulthood or learning valuable, necessary information to function as a member of society, but I would argue that education is important due to the life lessons passed down from your teachers. Sure, it was fantastic learning about the Pythagorean Theorem, the Periodic Table, and the Second World War, but that is not what I will remember from high school. The same goes for college. It was fantastic learning creative writing from people that have made a great living (a living I wish to replicate) off of it, but at every stage of my educational evolution, the importance is derived from the connections fostered with my teachers. They imparted wisdom that exceeded far past the classroom. While I was in college, some of the most I learned was when my teachers would tell us stories about their career and how they made it as screenwriters. These stories were so fantastic because of how rare in-depth stories like these are. The information itself is something that you could make up elsewhere. There are books on just about everything. If you want a career in any given industry, you could find a way how without going to college. But, the relationships with your teachers is not something that can be recouped with a book. They will teach you lessons you could never learn in a book. I know they did that for me. They changed my life.

In closing, school is essential to a human life but not for the reasons they tell you. The information you will learn is valuable, there is no doubt about that. But, what will stick with you (and change your life) is all of the conversations you have with your teachers. The wisdom they will pass off to you will be invaluable. If you allow yourself to have the relationship with them that I did, they will help you through some rough patches in your life that seem impossible to get past because of how young you are. The influence they have on you, both in your academic life and your personal life, will be something that leads to a change in your life. So, when someone says education can change your life and a scoff out of instinct, maybe open up your mind and allow that change in.


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EducationWays We offering, non-profit Education service to help Humanity

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