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How to Troubleshoot My Yahoo Website Not Working?

Apr 29, 2020

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Yahoo is one of the oldest and well-liked web service providers. Sometimes, users face the issue of Yahoo not working or responding properly when trying to access their accounts. If you are getting such an issue in your browser, follow our quick-fix steps that have been mentioned down below.

Quick-Fix Steps to Troubleshoot Yahoo Not Working

ü  First, you must clear the browser’s cache and cookies. As in most cases, cache and cookies slow down the browser’s functionality.

ü  Update your browser if your system has been installed with an outdated browser. A simple updating of the browser would make much difference in tackling such a common issue.

ü  After updating any software, you must restart your PC or the device you use. So restart your PC after updating the browser.

ü  You must make sure that the JavaScript in the browser is enabled.

ü  Next thing, you must disable or remove browser extensions. Third-party browser extensions often cause problems with Yahoo programs working perfectly.

ü  It would be best if you temporarily disable antivirus, firewall if it has been installed in your system.

ü  If you have tried all the options mentioned above and your Yahoo still is not working properly, the bonus tip is to reset your browser to default settings.

Get Our Technical Assistance for Other Yahoo Related Issues

If you are facing other Yahoo related issues like Yahoo error code 475, you must get connected with our Yahoo technical team who would provide you the best service within the stipulated time.