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Effective Steps to Fix Yahoo Not Receiving Emails

Jan 21, 2020

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Yahoo mail has been, so far, one of the popular email clients that allow its users to send and receive emails. Among several issues associated with Yahoo, the most common issue is – that Yahoo not receiving emails from Gmail as notifications. Since the issue can be fixed easily, some of the Yahoo users are unable to do so. This requires you must follow some of the troubleshooting methods to check if the issue is gone – or else, call our experts directly via our provided Gmail toll-free number.

Steps to Fix Yahoo Mail Not Getting Emails

Turn Off Email Filters

Filters are meant to be useful for changing the folder for arrivals of emails. So you must check the email filter working in your Yahoo mail and need to remove it from the account. To carry out this, follow the steps down below:

  • Go to your Yahoo mail account.
  • Click the settings icon the More settings icon.
  • From the enlisted options in the left panel, select the Filters.
  • Click the Delete filters icon to delete all filters.

Turn Off the Auto-Forwarding Option on Yahoo

This is one of the most apparent reasons for many users get the issue of Yahoo mail not receiving emails from Gmail or any other email service provider. So, you need to turn on the email auto-forwarding feature.

Try Checking Spam and Trash Folder

If you are still struggling with the issue of Yahoo not receiving emails, you must check other folders such as spam and trash folders to see if you have got emails there. If you can able to see the emails there, open them and click on the “not spam” option. Then your emails will directly move to the inbox.

Technical Help from Our Yahoo Experts

After following the steps, your issue with the Yahoo mail not receiving emails from Gmail or from someone else will be resolved. However, if not, you must get the assistance from one of our Yahoo experts straight away. Our tech executives are available 24/7 to provide you all sorts of help regarding Yahoo mail.