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Maria Jhon

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Maria has been working as a blogger since 2011, writing blogs and articles relating the IT infrastructure, networking solutions, computer hardware, and security software.

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Amazing Steps to Restore Yahoo Mail account password

Sep 26, 2019

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Every individual has two options while restoring access to the Yahoo Mail Account when forgot the Yahoo User name and Yahoo Password. The first option is, you can reset a new password for your mail account and after that, you receive an Account Key on your verified mobile phone number. The other option is that you can receive an Account Key on your secondary email address that you offered to your Yahoo mail account. Yahoo Mail never sends the lost password of your mail account but it will offer you a platform by which you can set up a new password by confirming your account identity. You can also connect with the experts at Yahoo Support to avail help regarding password recovery.

Troubleshooting steps to recover Yahoo Mail account password

  • Firstly, Go to the Yahoo sign-in help page. To access the link, click on the option of Trouble sign-in? 
  • Now you will be redirected on the new page where you have to enter your email address or phone number. Enter either the full email address or just type the yahoo username and click on Continue.
  • Verify the identity by your Mobile phone number
  • If you have registered as well as a verified mobile number with your yahoo mail account, then you can access text messages sent on the mobile phone. 
  • To send the verification code on verified phone number, click on the Yes and then text me a verification code. If you have access to your phone then you have to click on I don’t have access to this phone.
  • The Verification code to verify the phone number sent as a text message which you will receive it in a couple of minutes.
  • Now, enter the verification code under the section Verify that you have this phone. Finally, click on verify.
  • Verify your Identity with Secondary Email address
  • If you are not able to receive verification code as a text message on your mobile phone. Then click on the option of “I don’t have access to this phone” after that, you will be redirected to secondary email address verification.
  • If you have the secondary email address associated with your Yahoo! mail account. Then you have to click on Yes, send me a verification code.
  • Now you have to enter the verification code sent to the secondary email address in the blank spaces. Ensure that you have entered the code under the section Verify that you have access to this email.
  • Finally, click on the Verify button to verify it. 
  • When successfully recovered the access of your Yahoo Mail, then you have to change your yahoo mail account password. When choosing the best password, click on the best-suited password which is easy to memorize during an account authentication. Ensure that you have saved a strong password for your mail account.
  • If No Mobile Phone Number or Secondary Email Address is associated with Yahoo mail account then you won’t be able to recover access to your Yahoo mail account through the automated process.

Reach us at Yahoo Customer care team 

By following all the above steps, Contact us at Yahoo Contact Number with our experts. Our experts are available 24/7 for the help of users. If you are not satisfied on a call with the professionals then, contact us via Yahoo live chat or Yahoo Customer Support number