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How can I resolve the TurboTax E-file transmission issue?

Oct 17, 2019

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Apart from giving the benefits of tax calculation, TurboTax also let its users track the refund status. TurboTax gives the essence of a complete toolkit that overcomes the hurdle of tax preparations. On the contrary, TurboTax also offers a different type of technical issues to the users. TurboTax E-file not Transmitting still remains one of the prominent issues with TurboTax software.


E-file transmission issue seldom occurs due to CAPTCHA problem. User needs to be a bit cautious while completing the verification process. It’s important to note down that users should not choose the "I am not a robot." option if they don’t want to confront this issue in future. Meanwhile, if CAPTCHA verification doesn’t create any issue and you still face the same problem then try to the following method deliberately.

Clear browser temporary files

Clearing browser’s junk files often fix the majority of the technical issue. For those who are not accustomed to this fact then you can navigate to the main menu of their browser open the settings. Next, go to the temporary file section the option you want to wipe out. Lastly, tap on the Clear Data tab to wrap up the process. (Note: these instructions may vary depending on the type of browser you are using.)

Activate cookies on your browser

●        Click the gear icon from the top menu of the browser interface.

●        Select Internet Options>Privacy tab.

●        Head over to the Settings, click and hold the slider to drag it down. This action will activate the cookies on the browser


If that doesn't work then the last thing you can do to fix this issue is log in again. This simple troubleshooting method can do wonder in your case. On the flip side, if you confront this problem again you can call our expert for quick technical assistance. Our customer care agents resolve wide bandwidth of problem with TurboTax software including Turbotax Error code 1921 If you want quick help on TurboTax issue then look no further then TurboTax support service.

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