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How to Solve Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 19 & Error 999

Jun 08, 2018

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Yahoo Mail has been playing an unprecedented role in order to provide free e-mail services. People have been quite enjoying the several advantages in yahoo mail like recently launched Yahoo’s Dropbox, Yahoo mail pro &, etc. But, nowadays, people have been facing the Yahoo mail error 19 & error 999 while when they try to access their account. To solve this error in Yahoo within minutes, it is right to take the help of Yahoo customer service, but before it is also possible to fix it from your end within approximately half an hour through in this blog.

What is Yahoo error 19 or 999?

Well, this Yahoo error code implies that your account has been locked temporarily. So, you need to first sign out from all devices, and browsers & then again try to access the account, if still, it isn’t working, then you may need to contact Yahoo. But, here again, you are required to know their causes, and steps of fixing manually at the following:

The Causes of Yahoo Mail Error 19 & Error 999:-

  • If you’ve been sharing the Internet connection with others.
  • When your browser has not enabled to accept cookies from the Yahoo.
  • If there is bulk emails have been sent or received unexpectedly at once.
  • If you have using a third-party software program or application to open the Yahoo.
  • If it is spyware or any viruses which have changed your system settings can make you unable to access even any websites.
  • In desktop/mobile device, or IP address, if there is some unusually high activity has done.

The following solving steps of Yahoo Mail Error 999 & Error 19:-

Step 1: Try to Access Yahoo on another Computer:-

It has been noticed also that sometimes OS not supported the browser in which you are trying to access Yahoo webmail. It directly causes you the error, while the Yahoo official forum has updated the lists of supported browser and OS for Yahoo.

You can also try to access your Yahoo account on another computer, or a different internet connection.

Step 2: To accept Cookies Enable the Browser:-

To fix this Yahoo error, you are required to turn on or enable your browser to accept the cookies. You need to clear all cookies after that because by doing this, you may be able to login in Yahoo again.

Step 3: Use the Supported Browser & Operating System:-

You have to check the supported browser and operating system. If you have been using the older one, then download the newer version immediately and use it.

Step 4: Scan your System:-

You have to protect your system from viruses, spyware, or malware through scanning your system.

Step 5: Check the Internet Connection:-

Due to the bad internet connection or uses by someone else, it is possible to rises the issue of Yahoo mail error. You can also use a password to secure your Wi-Fi connection if the others are using it. Apart from it, you can also reset your router, and then check the IP address on the network & status.

If you are still unable to find the exact solutions to these errors, then you have to contact Yahoo to get the instant customer support.