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The Sims Mobile Quick Overview and some Cheats

Apr 14, 2018

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Electronic Arts has announced the launch of a new free-to-play (free) version of The Sims for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

This new game, which will be called The Sims Mobile, comes six years after The Sims Freeplay appeared on the iOS App Store.

Sims for iPhone and iPad

The Sims Freeplay is a very simplified version of the original game for PC and Mac, but the new The Sims Mobile will be much more complete . You will have better graphics, many more actions, more challenges, multiplayer, etc .

The Sims Mobile for iPhone and iPad will arrive very soon

From EA, as we mentioned previously, already launched other games based on the "Sims universe": The Sims 3, The Sims Freeplay, SimCity Buildit and other versions.

The Sims Mobile will be the mobile game more similar to the original game of the franchise, will be based on The Sims 4 , a game in which players build a home and maintain a family over generations following a series of rules based on the daily life.

Sims for iPhone and iPad

As in other games of the franchise, players will guide their sims through their lives, establishing relationships, building houses, advancing careers, buying objects,  the sims mobile simoleons cheats helps in winning simoleons and meeting objectives.

One of the main novelties of the game is that it will have an online multiplayer mode, that is, it will allow players to collaborate with others in real time. Undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated features of the followers of the mobile platform of this game and will provide new experiences: meet other players, hold conversations via chat, invite other users to parties and a long etcetera.


The Sims 4 for Mac and PC continues to expand its extensive network of fans globally. Yesterday, Electronic Arts revealed that the number of active monthly users of the game rose by 33% compared to last year.


The Sims Mobile for iPhone and iPad is now available on the App Store in Brazil (also on Android) and will begin to appear in the App Stores of the other countries soon . So stay tuned to our weekly game compilations if you want to download this new simulation title for iOS.

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