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Oleg Korolev

Oleg Korolev|Russian Federation


Oil,Canvas 130x90cm 2007.


The picture «Hesychast» portrays an image of the Schema hermit, shining in the transfiguration and ecstasy of the direct God's cognition. This is an image of the man, who following the way of the «mental ascesis» and contemplation, achieved Theosis, i.e. divinization and salvation. The manifested formula of the Orthodox faith: «God became man so that man might become God» is embodied in the outline similar to a nuclear blast. Of course, this explosion is the explosion of Ego with its social roles and false illusory aspirations of «this world».  A rosary thread in monk’s  hands is torn, the grains are scattered, each of them has turned into  stars and planets of the, encompassing the figure, space. The torn thread means the end of the prayer, a stop to the infinite circle, similar to the rosary circle, the movement of the dual mind. The uniting of the limited space inside this moving circle of the rosary, with surrounding infinite space, symbolizes the limited mind of the man, which has become the infinite mind of Christ.


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