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Oleg Korolev

Oleg Korolev|Russian Federation

"Prodigal Son"

Oil, Canvas 130x90cm 2013

«Prodigal son»  is a Gospel parable recounted by Christ himself. Why did Jesus speak using  parables?  What is the sense of  using parables?  What kind of  knowledge transmission is that? A parable told by  a teacher, differs from a direct instruction by  the way the truth held in it is learned.  This is the main difference between the Old Testament, which is a law, an instruction, still not giving salvation, but a preparing  «custodian until Christ comes» and the New Testament, -  a parable, opening the lying beyond of the mental borders, truth and giving the liberation. Therefore it is necessary to understand, that the Truth, that the Lord Jesus Christ  revealed and which He spoke about using parables, can not be fathomed dialectically, but any law and instruction  is just a product of the dialectics, antiquated legalism. A parable always comprises a certain amount of absurdity, and exactly thus, through a logical collapse, reveals what lies beyond the dual logic, beyond notions and conceptions. It is from this viewpoint that the «Prodigal son» picture was painted. The relationships between the father and the prodigal son are the relations of the nature of consciousness, of its preeternal, non created source with the created mind, - eternally wandering and wasting time and energy,  gifts of the father, on whores i.e. on relative truths and on the vanity of the illusory concepts.  A self-comprehension, a vision of one’s own impotence, limited nature and alienation from the source, then a subsequent self-denial and repentance return the mind to its own unchangeable, not created by anybody, divine nature. The prodigal son and the father are the One, but in different states. The repented mind, that has returned, has realized itself, - inherites the eternal bliss and incessant joy.


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