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How to Setup Facebook Legacy Account

Nov 13, 2017

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Facebook has a feature of memorialized accounts to keep those person memory after they have passed away. It is a place where friends and family members can see their memories after users have passed. Memorializing an account also helps to keep secure by preventing anyone to log in that person’s account.

When Facebook comes to know that any persons has passed away, then it is the policy of Facebook to keep that person’s account in memorializing category. Facebook never provides login details to that person’s relatives and friends, because it is against the Facebook policies.

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What is a Legacy Contact on Facebook?

Facebook has a legacy contact feature. In which after providing a name for your legacy contact, someone becomes able to use your account after you pass away. There are many right available for legacy contact which he can do and which he can’t.

Your legacy contact can do:

  1. He can update your profile picture and cover photo

  2. Respond to new friend requests

  3. Able to write a pinned post for your timeline

  4. Also request of removal your account to Facebook

Your legacy contact can’t:

  1. Login to your Facebook account

  2. Read your messages

  3. Remove or change past posts, photos, or any other things that you have shared to your timeline in the past

  4. Remove anyone of your friend from your friend list

Manage Your Legacy Contact

You can manage your legacy contact by logging into your Facebook account. Legacy contact works like a nominee which we made to someone into our bank accounts. A nominee is a person who is able to use your money into your bank account after your death.

So, legacy contact is also a feature in which a user is able to give his account’s power to anyone on the Facebook. When a person set his legacy contact to someone then that person becomes able to use some rights to use your account. He can do things as we described above.

You can manage your legacy contact by following steps:

  1. First of all login to your Facebook account by typing your username, email Id and password

  2. Then click on drop down menu arrow button at the top side of dashboard

  3. Select “Settings” from drop down menu

  4. Here in “General” tab hover over the “Manage Account” option and click on “Edit” option

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