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Heidi Somers

Heidi Somers was born on March 14, 1989 in North Pole, AK. Heidi Somers Also konwn as ‘Buff Bunny‘ is a fitness competitor, and world-renowned model from Alaska. However, she later decide to move to Texas for personal reasons. Heidi’s been through some difficult moments in life when she lived in Alaska. Heidi had problems with relationships, lost her job, and crashed her car all in the same month. Not only that, Heidi created some unhealthy eating habits in the process and gained weight.If you want to get famous on twitter then you can get twitter followers app. Then heidi decide to move to Texas to start fresh, and create a new life for herself, Heidi found CrossFit. She used this new activity as a way to get moving, and meet new people. Where She enjoyed every moment of CrossFit, but she always had the feeling she could do more. From that point, Heidi went on to compete in the NCP and has since become a world-class athlete and household name.

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Fitness Career

Somers started exercising like most people, wanting to lose weight and tone up. However, she was scared to lift weights at first because she thought they would make her look bulky. But Heidi decided to give weightlifting a try. Out of the blue, Heidi’s life started to change, she started to feel good, “very good” said Heidi.After her All of the weightlifting and healthy eating started to change the way she looked and felt about herself. She had become a different person, her nails, hair, and skin were all starting to look better. Heidi felt numerous benefits including the need for less sleep. She realized this new way of life was giving her everything she’d always wanted – and missed from her life.If you want to get famous on twitter then you can get twitter followers app. Ever since Heidi made the discovery of lifting weights and working-out, she’s become a world class fitness model.Then Heidi received numerous work opportunities and a large amount of support from fans everywhere. She loves every minute of what she does, and Heidi said she feels blessed to be part of something so big that can positively affect so many peoples lives. Heidi’s mission is; she want’s to change the world. She wants to change lives and make a difference. She wants to be part of a movement that shows people how to dig deep and push themselves to live a healthier life.

Social Media Presence

She is very Popular in the social media.Social media Play a very important role as she is become famous through social media specially by youtube.If you want to more follower on twitter then check twitter followers hack.Her instagram account has 1.6 Million followers.Her Twitter account has 56k followers.She Also have youtube channel with 543k subscriber.

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