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Embroidery  Tshirt Co


When it comes to professional embroidery services in Dublin, we at The T-shirt Company are leading the way in innovation, quality and pricing. We can provide you with custom embroidered textiles such as polos, jackets and shirts. Our step by step process is a work of art and we use the latest high tech innovative machinery to get every job finished to perfection and on time. We use a brand-new TAJIMA TFMX-IIC1502 top of the range machine, which offers more efficient stitching, faster production times and a superior quality finished product. For further information on our embroidery services, please contact us today- https://www.tshirtcompany.ie/embroidery | Add- Unit 4 Ossory Court, Ossory Road,North Strand, Dublin,D03 HR82 | Email- info@tshirtcompany.ie |Con- 01 856 1111

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