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Debra Mitchell

Debbi|United States

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Heavenly Father in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, We come before your throne of grace asking you for divine order in the City, Nation and World. For household Salvation, help |još

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I'm also the mother of 8 children including my son's and daughter in-laws I call my children and a adopted son. I'm the grandmother as of August 12, 2017 of 12 grandchildren (ages 25 to newborn)and still counting, praise the good Lord. I'm a woman who trusts the good Lord and everything in my life inspite of many, many things I've been through I trust God and not people. I'm a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I walk by Faith and not by sight in all I do. I've had many spine surgeries since 10 year's old and due from a spine injury at six months old as well as other major life threating surgeries. By God's grace and goodness I'm still standing on His promises and always encouraging other's to just Accept Jesus as your Lord, as your Savior and you won't and can't go wrong. I'm a woman who just loves the good Lord. Many trial's, persecutions, false accusations have come through my journey's on this earth but I know that I know that God is my Salvation, my Rock, My Hiding Place, He's my Shield and Banner. He's my Protector, My Provider and my Healer. So much more He's done for me that I can't tell it all.


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Skills: Government as general clerk's age 16-40's, medical information clerks and law clerk assistant. I love traveling by vehicles, Amtrak, flying, love boating, fishing sitting at a park connected to a lake and sitting on just sitting on the beach. I'm a movie person of variety, I family history.

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h that is constantly growing and learning daily of God's Love, mericies, good and grace. I'm a saved Blood Washed woman with great faith. I'm truly blessed and feeling that the good Lord has continually blessed me all my life to be Highly Favored by Him.

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