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CoreDignity|United States

I'm confident, and also a sportsman at heart


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CoreDignity je pisao/la na cross.bordu od Carol Brooke Ministries

Carol Brooke Ministries

Due to our computer failure, we were unable to include you as a new contact for our ministry. Please send the 'contact' request again and we can then add you to our list for cross.tv Thank you, Carol Brooke Ministries, Inc.

CoreDignity je sad kontakt sa pamela32

I invite you to come and join me, at the “Heart to Heart” chat room…at the Diane K Chamberlain Ministries! The chat room is set up, so you can come and join open discussions or you can have …

Wow, this is indeed a beautiful caption "Heart to Heart". Feels good to be part of this.


In the Office

CoreDignity I'm confident, and also a sportsman at heart

CoreDignity je dodao/la novu galeriju

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