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Mark Hanby Ministries|Pakistan

Praise the Lord, Blessed be His name "People Of God says" "Amen" I am a Pastor in Sialkot and spreding Gospel among condemned one's (Prisoners) I love each one of them because My Jesus loves them and died on Cross for their Forgivness.

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I request all saints today is our sunday school meeting in village ,Pray may Lords hand be upon kids and this meeting may saty blessed Amen

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Thank you for this life Jun 08, 2015 2 Komentari

Lord,  thank you for guiding and protecting me, for supporting my endeavours and for bringing me back on the right way when I get lost. So many good things happened  in my life by your  love and light. And when I find no solution or answer you hear  my prayers and  bless me with enlightenment. With you in my heart I lost my fears, my doubts, I get stronger every day, and I have the courage to be who you want me to be, to go the  way  you wrote into the book of my life. I want to thank you for making me, who I am, for giving me the talents and gifts that I now can put into service to those who need it. I thank you, for making me understand, what my task is in life and where the journey goes. You taught me to listen, to wait, to change perspective. You taught me to not give up, gave me a clearer view. You taught me to love my fellow humans and all the creatures on this beautiful planet you made our home. You taught me to care about what you gave to us, to treasure and protect it and make others aware of the beauty in it. I thank you for this life and for the bond you let me have with you -  your never ending love. 

Pray request for children meeting Jun 06, 2015

I request all saints today is our sunday school meeting in village ,Pray may Lords hand be upon kids and this meeting may saty blessed Amen

Prayer for prisoners May 31, 2015

Today the worship and preaching was powerful and after service all prisoners sends pray request to all saints 3 prisoners are released and others have request to pray for their release and for their families. Prayer request from Dr Rehan Paul he want special prayer for his problems. Prayer request for Mark Hanby Ministries also


blessings in jesus name my wife have a vision for christian familys specily for kids and womans because now in these days pakistans christans are having huge problums just because we are christians we have started the work of GOD but we are having so many problums. but GOD is great and glory to his name we are nothing just his small servents plz pray for us so we could get succes to save the special souls. GLORY TO GOD AMEEN.