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Deborah Jones

evangelistdjones|United States

is Blessed, Greatful, and Excited and a child of the King!

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Thank you Lord for another chance to do things over again and try and do things right. Lord you are awesome! Lord you are wonderful! Lord you are a mighty God! and I love you with my whole |još

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evangelistdjones is Blessed, Greatful, and Excited and a child of the King!

It's the Weekend and I'm Emotionally Tired

It's the weekend and when I grew up the weekend was time to sometimes do some serious cleaning. I started last night. I deactivated my Facebook account and will be deleting some heavy baggage from my life. I h…

evangelistdjones je pisao/la na cross.bordu od Becki

evangelistdjones je sad kontakt sa deborah10

evangelistdjones je dodao/la novu galeriju Ministry


Welcome to my Cross.tv page. I do hope that you will visit often. God bless and God bless your family.

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Denying the Power Thereof

Denying the Power Thereof

Tell me, how can you say you have the anointing to give others advice concerning their situation when you don't | još

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