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Doyle Wilson


What an wondeful Lord we have.....His love is beyond human imagination...

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PRAY FOR UNITED KINGDOM.... Missionaries from this country is the only reason christianity was spread in INDIA and people came to know about Jesus Christ. Many superstitious belief was |još

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Jul 10, 2013

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Love of my dear Lord Jesus Christ

Jun 19, 2013

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Love of my Lord

Jun 14, 2013

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Wonderful thought

Mar 28, 2013

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Passion Week-Thurday

Mar 27, 2013

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Passion Week -Tuesday

Mar 25, 2013

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Passion Week-Monday

Jan 28, 2013

!! Thank You Lord !!

My Lord ....My Lord Teach me ...How to thank you!!   Don’t know how... your mercies are great!! Your love is beyond boundaries that I cannot imagine.. At the time of troubles and despair... Your mighty hands lead me through.... Your |još
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