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God as a Holistic approach

May 26, 2012

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Sometimes you ask yourself why God allow you to get married to the worst person in the world. He drinks, he smokes, he beats you, he’s addicted, she’s addicted, she does not respect you, she has no consideration for me expect herself, and she is a b or w. Sometimes it’s your own son or daughter. In my case it was he was my father and a wizard.

My mother got married to the man of her dreams – he neither smoke nor drink, knew the Bible very well. Even much better then some pastors – “a true man of God”. At least that is what she thought. In actual fact he was what you call a “Christian Wizard” knowing the Bible and still practicing witchcraft.

According to his family ritual in order for him to become rich he had to sacrifice his family. And he did, but none of us died. I will explain in future a blog: SANTOS DYNASTY: Domiciliary Witchcraft.

Most of the time you pray, “Lord, I’m your vessel use me as you please”. Most of the times you think of doing a duty at church or evangelizing people from outside - people you not know. But, when it involves your family or someone you know, it becomes difficult. But what if that is what He expects of you? If this is the case; you need to believe and that they will someday change and that you will very soon present their souls before God.

Sometimes you ask yourself: “Why did God allow me to get marry to the worst person in the world?”

That’s because he trusts that you will be able to lead that soul to salvation. He created you in such a way that will allow you to cope and sustain your current situation. The same way He gave Moses the spirit of humbleness to the point that no other man was ever found humble as he was – ever!

“Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth”     Numbers 12: 3.

He trusts you, do not let Him down. You can do it!

The point is we all have to play our parts in saving souls for the Kingdom of God. And sometimes you will not be required to harvest outside rather in your own house. You need to pray for your husband/wife or your children to change. Look at them as any other soul - to alleviate the pain and the burden.

Over the years it took me a long time to forgive my father for destroying my life as well as my mother’s and brothers’. But that was the only way! God trusted and knew that one day I will be able to overcome, even when I myself did not believe it.

You also have to do the same: Believe that they will change no matter how impossible.

If Jesus had the courage to believe that God is able to remove that cup from Him,

                “…Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me…” Luke 22: 42

Which was possible otherwise Jesus would not have asked, and, he did add “…not my will, but thine, be done”, and, everything is possible to God. How more is your drunkard spouse, or your addicted son or daughter?