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Global Praise|Switzerland

Join the GLOBAL PRAISE and be a part of a Worship-Project

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Dear Father, thank you for everything you do in our life, thank you a lot for the vision of globalpraise. Please help us to stay humble and in worship.

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Welcome to the "GLOBAL PRAISE" - Network.

All we would love to do, is to worship Jesus Christ with out Gifts, we got from Him.
Jesus said in Matthew 10:8, that freely we recieved, we shall freely give it to others.
So what is the reason to do the same, what the World is doing?
Why do worshipleader, their producer and labels release thousands of CDs for high prices ?
Why do christians visiting for much money Concerts of "christian Musicstars" ?
What will happen, if we all stop to focus on Money, Celebrities and Pride ?
What will happen, if we create Worshipsongs together and stop with the "One-Man-Shows" ?
What will happen, if we set our focus back on that, what the basics and roots of worship are ?

Join the Global Praise Network and be a Part of the world-largest Worshipproject.
Share your parts with others. Can you imagine the Power of the common Works ?
You even dont need to do everything.

Have look at the Example:
1. You have an idea
2. The next Person writes lyrics of it
3. Another Person writes some melodies
4. A Singer sings the Lyrics to the melodies
5. Someone is recording and mastering all Tracks to the Great Song.

Feel Free to register at www.globalpraise.ch for all features.


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jevan adhar

Greetings in Christ Name God Bless you for this ministry

Global Praise je sad kontakt sa Steiinlau

Global Praise je napisao/la komentar na molitvu staying humble od Global Praise

:) Why texting the Prayer Request to a Phone? is it Gods Line? :)

Global Praise je sad kontakt sa Bishop Noel Jones

Global Praise je sad kontakt sa junya1

Global Praise je sad kontakt sa marie24

Global Praise je sad kontakt sa kseniya

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