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Hans Hofman


Evangelist Hans Hofman. "And Jesus said to His followers (disciples) Go into all the world and preach and publish openly the good news (the Gospel) to every creature (of the whole human race)..." mark 16:15, T.A.B

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Heavenly Father I thank you for the blessings and the grace and the provision you give us every day. Thank you for Your Holy Spirit and thank you for your Word the Bible. Your words are |još

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Er is geen andere Naam dan de Naam van Jezus Christus waardoor wij behouden kunnen worden! No other Name Thand the name of Jesus Christ ! He is the Way The Truth and The Life and He is the same today and for ever! Be blessed all who are reading this!

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God bless your ministry brother..!

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hans2 je pisao/la na cross.bordu od CROSS TV NEDERLANDS

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hans2 se pridružio/la molitvi Coronavirus od Evangelist Magdalene

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EPHESIANS, PART 1, Welcome, I would like to highlight a number of points in a series about the church of Efezen. To encourage you who hear and read this. We read in various places about the municipality of Ephezen. And | još

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