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Rock Church, Sangareddy|India

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Ephesians 1:16-21 I pray and thank you LORD for the spirit of wisdom and revelation you have given me to know you better. I pray and thank you for the enlightment of the eyes of my |još

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This is Paul from India, worked as an associate &Youth Pastor in a church for 15 years. About 2 years back, with a vision and burdon for the lost souls started a church at Sangareddy, Medak district, India. Which is 1hr journey from Hyderabad. Here people are poor and uneducated.. living in poverty.. felt Gospel is very much needed. We have started sharing the gospel. God is doing many wonderful things. Built a small church (84 X 30) and started worship services. Every sunday nearly 250 to 300 worship here. Fellowship lunch follows every sunday after the service. There are about 80 villages around sangareddy town..we are praying..and planning to reach them for Jesus..Started village ministry in 2 villages..

In this span of time we can gladly say that there are 54 people accepted Jesus as their personal savior and took water baptism. Praise the Lord. 

Please pray that may the Lord strengthen us to reach more for Jesus..

Pastor Yesupaul and Kiranmai

The CRIES Foundation

God Bless you Pastor Yesupaul and Kiranmai. We at the CRIES Foundation are very pleased that you accepted our contact invitaion. You are doing wonderful work in Gods name. Jesus is Lord. Amen

Rock Church, Sangareddy je sad kontakt sa Dionne

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