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Oct 02, 2010

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We are happy to announce free consulting service for every NGO, non-profit, church and ministry seeking to advance their reach globally. We specialize in international marketing campaigns, international broadcast time acquisition, translation/VO/dubbing/subtitling, custom video delivery solutions, web development of social networks and content delivery. Tell us about your project, your goals, your needs. We are here to assist and have means to optimize, streamline budgets, locate and design cost saving solutions.

We currently offer one hour of free consulting service to listen to your vision, assess your position in your existing target markets, locate new markets for your products, service, event and TV broadcast. 

Please contact us by simply leaving a comment below this blog with skype ID and/or your phone number and name of organization. We will visit your cross.page and website to learn more about you and then contact you. 

We are here for you. cross media group lives to serve - to serve you!

We look forward to hear from you.