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cross media group|United States

a social enterprise

The cross:media group consists of cross:media corporation in Charlotte/NC in the United States, cross:media Vienna in Austria and cross:media Bratislava in Slovakia.

The heart of cross:media group, cross:media corporation in Charlotte/NC, is privately owned and investor funded.

Among shareholders are the founding partners, private individuals, corporations, organizations and managing employees.

cross:media group and its members were founded by Andreas
and Stefan Jager in 2008/2009.

Both are professionals in their fields. While Andreas successfully founded and managed several independent businesses in the areas of broadcast production and translation services, Stefan did the same in the field of web development and media streaming solutions prior to launching the cross:media's first ventures www.cross.tv and www.crossads.net.

cross:media group (CMG) - a group of enterprises with social responsbilities - has entered conversations for a Series-A investment round with Capital Window, a VC Capital and service company which helped CMG's…

lightcast.com wins WebAward

With excitement we'd like to announce that www.lightcast.com won the award "Outstanding Website" of the 2011 WebAwards! Every year a jury of high-profile media experts evaluate qualify…

cross media group je dodao/la novi blog Open for Investors

Open for Investors

cross:media group and its group members cross.tv inc., lightcast inc., crossads inc., crosstribution, stoodio and praisemedia are now open for investors! Own a share of some of the greatest opportunities and …

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lightcast.com wins WebAward

lightcast.com wins WebAward

With excitement we'd like to announce that www.lightcast.com won the award "Outstanding | još

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