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ziontistmusic Releaseparty of the CD "Digital Lifestyle" @ vineyard Aarau (08.10.2011 / 20:30) - Feel Welcome :)


viele liebe gruesse aus siebenburgen und GOTTES SEGEN!!!

ziontistmusic je sad kontakt sa Daiwa

ziontistmusic je sad kontakt sa profimusic

ziontistmusic CD Release "Ziontist - Digital Lifestyle" 29th September 2011

ziontistmusic je dodao/la audio fajl Back in your arms


AMEN; have a loving Father in heaven, you be happy in his arms.

ziontistmusic je dodao/la audio fajl Sounds 'n Motion

ziontistmusic je dodao/la audio fajl In the Sunrise


At night you will sometimes awake, did not sleep well, may have experienced a nightmare. A sunrise got in it so, because it pushes the darkness, gently but powerfully away. In our life there are often dark times, but if we allow that God's light shines, this is similar to a sunrise. The night is al

ziontistmusic je dodao/la audio fajl Oh might God

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