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каждый из нас сам за себя в первую очередь даст отчет Богу

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Мы можем молиться очень много и очень длинными молитвами,но если мы будем жить по прежнему не изменяясь |još

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???? ???????? ? ???-??????? Oct 26, 2011

In your will Lord to send rain for irrigation and fertility of land, but when the rain comes and goes, does not stop at the same time bringing to life sorrows of thy children, thy blessing becomes a punishment. If thou art the Lord so zhelaesh Screw unto me, turn the hearts of His beloved children and and give patience and courage to pass your test it all the faithful to you. But we ask the same for the Thailand-hodotaystvennoy prayer, O Lord, be merciful not into temptation, and give patience and stop the bad weather and the sun came to this country. And so the same request on behalf of all residents, take care of those who are in difficult circumstances and needs of irrigation Tebe.Pust rain turned into showers of blessing, for unhindered preaching of the gospel of grace. And let all God's people voslavit you and say with me, Amen.