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Deno Sandz

DenoSandz|United States

Deon C. Sanders (Pen name: Deno Sandz) was born in the south, raised and resides in Chicago, is a father of six working in the educational field and has been a fiction author for the last ten years. He has published novels such as: “Miss Mary Weather: A Southern Nightmare” (2000), “Pen of Iniquity” (2008), “I,AM” (2010), and has numerous unpublished works. He is a motivational speaker, writes phenomenal articles on every aspect of society, short stories that transcends the heart, soul, and mind of the reader, poetry that convokes emotions, lyrics that embraces the genre of the music industry, and movie screenplays. He is also the owner/creator of Deno Sandz Productions/Six Shortyes Films. Fans can follow Sandz on facebook, twitter, and linkedin..

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Apr 17, 2011

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The question needs to be asked to determine if the woman is at fault for only looking at a man’s outer shell and his financial worth on choosing a relationship or SIMPLE intimacy.  The spirit of a man should be searched.  But, if ONLY materialistic or physical attributes are embedded in WOMEN why would they search for the spirit.  This becomes problematic in the long run because statements like; “He’s no good,” “He’s selfish,” and “He’s a no good father” because you (the woman) did not consider his spirit beforehand.  You did not truly look into his eyes which is the pathway to the soul, the soul that’s fed by the spirit.  This is just my perspective.  Not saying that all relationships last; however, a man with a good spirit that steps up to his obligation, mistreats know one intentionally, and believes in the “G…O…D” factor can become a revelation….a blessing to the  woman.  Good spirited men are by no means perfect; however, they hold the premise to journey by spirit to attempt to be.  As a man I would rather want a woman to want me for my inner spirit, than my outer appearance and wealth that holds no substance.  Again, “Do women look for the inner spirit of a man?” The answer is no for most of them. This is the dilemma in our culture of relationships. In the south back when time stood still we jumped the broom, metaphorically entering each other’s spirit and it lasted. Some women have championed over the nature of the stereotypical beast, understating that having trials and tribulations is a GIFT for us all making the WOMAN’S decision on searching for the inner spirit of the man first is glorious and long lasting.    

Thank you for listening.