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Albert Bricker

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Bringing hope through Gods word

Below is a list of scriptures that refute a doctrine that has become know as the "eternal security" or "once saved, always saved". This doctrine of men gives a false sense of hope to men who are looking to go to heaven. As you read these verse remember to read them in the context of the chapter that they appear. Also remember that the message is to God's people who are saved. When this doctrine declares that you can not fall away. And those who do fall away weren't really saved anyway. These verses below declare that these have truly been saved yet they fell away.
Jude verses 5-7              Hebrews 3:16-19             Hebrews 4:1-13
Philippians  2:12-13        2nd John verses 8-11      Jude verse 24
Colossians 2:6                Revelation 2:2-5               Revelation 2:10
Revelation 2:13               Revelation 2:21               2nd Peter 1:5-11
2nd Peter 2:20-21           Galatians 5:4                     Galatians 5:24-26
1st Corinthians 8:9-13     Luke 8:13                         Ezekiel 18:20-25
2nd Chronicles 7:19-20   Jeremiah 7:29                   Hebrews 2:1-4
Hebrews 6:4-6                 Hebrews 10:35-39             Jeremiah 5:10-11
Now you might say I can offer explanations of those verse that have nothing to do with falling away from salvation. It's just a matter of how you interpret the scriptures. Well, if you can do that and refute what I have just written by your doctrine that is your privilege. But I also have the right to present one more verse that I believe corresponds with these other verses and can not be refuted.
Matthew 18:23-25:
There are some key words at the beginning of this scripture. "Therefore" is the extension of Peters question "How many times shall I forgive my brother"? Jesus tells him but then gives him an example of how it's done in heaven (the kingdom of heaven is like).
A man comes into the king (Jesus) and he owes ten thousand talents (million dollars) and there is no way he can repay the money. We had a sin debt that we could not repay. The king orders this man, his family, his possessions  to be sold to repay the debt. We in like manner deserved death for are sins. However the men pleads that he will repay the debt. The king took pity on the man and forgave him his debt. The man is saved from his debt. We to also made a plea because of our debt of sin. Jesus forgave us our sins and we are saved.
"But" this is a mighty big word as it let's us know that the story is not done yet. This forgiven and saved men is walking down the street and he sees a man who owes him a hundred denarii (pocket change basically). He grabs the man and chokes him and demands pay me back. This men plea's  also be patient and I will pay you back. But the forgiven man refused and had this guy thrown into prison.
When the King heard of this situation he called back in the forgiven man. The man who was saved from his debt and not required to go into prison (hell). The King pointed out I forgave you. Why did you not forgive the man who owed you? Then the master sent him to jail until the debt had been repaid. The debt of sin can never be repaid it can only be forgiven. He was a man saved by the grace of the King and now because he would not forgive he fell out of the grace of the King and was thrown into prison. Now look at verse 35 again "This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you". So what it's saying is; if I'm saved but forgive not my brother I can loose my salvation (fallen away).
Will you continue to believe a lie or will you except the facts that man can fall away from being saved.

      Clint       by Clint       “I'm just curious, how many time have you lost your salvation?”
      Albert Bricker
      by Albert Bricker       If you read all the passages that had examples you should have noticed "once." It's not: " now I'm save woop I sinned, that makes me lost, now I repent, so now I'm saved again. That's not what is being taught I know from my Baptist friends that what they get taught in their Sunday schools and in sermons. But that is not the teaching. The teaching is that they sinned to the point were they would never recover or didn't want to recover. In my experience they don't want to as Romans 1 &2 indicate and so God gives them over to a depraved mind.
      Clint       by Clint
      I would argue that a person who habitually sins to that point was never saved in the first place. For example Judas was one of the original 12 disciples yet he was never saved, he was a false convert. I firmly believe in the eternal security of the believer. I do sin and mess up but I do not have the desire to continue in sin. It is my desire not to sin but that is not possible as long as I have flesh. Even though I believe in eternal security I do not believe it gives someone the right to live any way they want or a license to sin. Romans 6 makes it clear that grace does not give one a license to sin. I personally know some people that claimed to be saved but yet they are committing fornication by living with someone of the opposite sex without being married. I personally have a hard time believing that someone like that is saved in the first place.

Albert Bricker
      by Albert Bricker
      So all the examples given in these scriptures indicate that the Israelite who sin were not really Israelite. The whole Galatia Churches were not really Christians. So when Paul wrote to the Philippians he said they had always obeyed but they needed to continue to work out their salvation. If there's no way they could lose their salvation, what in the world is Paul talking about? Are you telling me that the Seven Churches mentioned in Revelation were never really saved. Whether a person claims to be saved will show in the fruits that they produce. If their not bearing fruit for Christ then they must be bearing fruit for the devil. By their fruits you will know them, that is true for false teachers just as well for the individual who calls them self a Christian. I to have meet people like that also and I point out that they could not be a Christian and live such a life style. They have chosen to abandon their salvation for the ways of Satan. So your also telling me that all the Baptist preachers who were solid bible teachers and faithful. Then one day they decide they've had it and their not going to go to church any more. They leave never to step in church again?

      1. Is God Forced to saved them? If he is then he becomes a God of Force instead of grace.

      2. Or were they never really saved any way? If they were never really saved then those under their care must be deceived by a false teacher.
      As far as Judas he was under the Old Testament dispensation and was never saved under the Christian system. The Christian System could not take place until after the Death on the cross. Actually it did not come into establishment until Acts chapter two when the church was established. So Judas is really a bad example for the Christian faith.

My account was  closed out by this Baptist preacher. So I guess I will never know his answer to these questions?

I can have other questions that need to be asked and they are.

1. How is it that the teaching of Faith only did not show up in Church doctrine until 400 A.D.?

2. How is it that saying the sinners prayer didn't become a concept in Church doctrine until the 1950"s

Two doctrines being taught that were not even apart of the original teaching of the church.  Can anybody explain why history is of the church is not being taught in bible colleges, Churches, books. Could it be that if they would teach this history People would understand that men introduced these doctrines apart from scripture. History always reveals the errors of men, but it also brings to light the truth. What are you going to do with this new information? Continue to follow the Doctrine of men or get back to the truth of the bible.

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