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Andrei Zaliubovski

HhAaOoSs|Moldova; Republic of

Не думай о завтрешнем дне, Бог ждет тебя там.


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HhAaOoSs je dodao/la novu galeriju Разное

jazz Core

well...I think we've forgotten who is God and what is our job...but God loves us and if we let him he will show us to do what's right...


Thanks Bro. Andrei for visiting my page a few hours ago. I pray that our loving Lord Jesus Christ would continually strengthen your faith in Him as you eagerly meditate His divine Word - the BIBLE, and bless your life, loved ones & the work of your hands! God bless you! (:

HhAaOoSs je dodao/la audio fajl Lumen - Гонка

HhAaOoSs je dodao/la audio fajl Lumen - Паспорт

HhAaOoSs je dodao/la audio fajl lumen - Слова

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