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Overflowing Grace-GCFI|Kenya

Every Single day is a testimony of God's Grace in me.

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Dear friends stand with me and my family for daily provision and protection both to the family and our ministry. Pray for the church to experience a transformational change . Pray that |još

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Founded in 1988 by Peter & Hannah Murunga, Grace Community Fellowship (GCF) exists to wholesomely respond to the Great Commission Directive of Jesus Christ.

GCF's core mission has these objectives:

1. Evangelism & Church Planting
2. Discipleship & Leadership Training
3. Community Transformation & Development
4. Ministry to widows, orphans & the needy

Our regions include remote areas of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. The goal is to team up with kingdom minded men and women of God and work together in establishing, nurturing and mobilizing churches for ministry work.


We have divided our core mission work into two major areas as follows:

A) Great Commission – To bring the lost to Christ & disciple them into committed followers of Jesus Christ.

1. Evangelism & Church Planting
2. Discipleship & Leadership Training

B) Community Outreach

1. Community Transformation & Development
2. Ministry to widows, orphans & the needy

Take a few moments to walk through our website WWW.gcfkenya.com to have a feel of what we live for and how you can join us in serving others because of Christ.

I and my wife (John & Zelpha Murunga) serve as pastors of one of the Gcfkenya  churches in Bungoma town.this is our third year of ministry in this church we have a small congregation of about 80 Adult members .

Carlus Magnus
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Good job. The Lord bless you!


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Jasmine Bushell

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