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Mohan Ram Simpson


Praying God to grant wisdom to the leaders of the world.

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I would like to start a charitable trust in India for helping the underprivileged, specially those kids who are struggling to pay the tution fees in schools and colleges and those who are |još

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In our christian life, we may find people, who question, the existance of God.

I also met lots of people during my student life and even at my work place.

The main thing is, these people can create perplexity in one's mind.

Later I read books written by prominent scientists and archeologists like Dr. Victor Pierce.

I suggest our yougsters should read books like that, which can help to reinstate the faith in God Almighty.

I dealt with questions arised from such non believers, in my "BLOGS".

may God bless you with abundance of wisdom.


Mohan Simpson


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Ich war eine lange Zeit nicht bei Cross.tv. Mir geht es gut.Bei mir im Leben ist viel passiert.Doch ich weiß Jesus ist bei mir und er leitet mich.Ich mache weiter Musik und painting.my Homepage ist gregor-geltz.de gottes Segen mein Bruder


Hallo , ich habe ein neues profil


hi, mohan.wie geht es dir?


ich bin ok Wie geht es dir....??

Mohan_Simpson se pridružio/la molitvi Prayer for MADAGASCAR od ryhe

Mohan_Simpson se pridružio/la molitvi Prayer for MADAGASCAR od ryhe

Mohan_Simpson se pridružio/la molitvi Prayer for MADAGASCAR od ryhe

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PERPLEXITY! VIRGIN BIRTH:             Man is inquisitive, which is good and appreciable, But he concludes the secrets of God within the limits of his knowledge, which is bad.   Once, one | još

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