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Just great having friends who care and are loving. Thank God for the cross that has joined us together, and the team of cross.tv

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As a nation friends, we are fast approaching the season of elections which as has been for many Kenyans a time of apprehension due to hate rhetoric from politicians seeking various offices |još

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The Growth of CLCM

Dec 09, 2009

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It is wonderful to know that God has been so gracious to us ward, as a family and also in the ministry. Many have been the challenges, from every perceived corner but the Lord has been gracious to us, carrying us through all. Indeed, if he carried the weight of the world upon his shoulders, am sure he can carry me and all who go to Him.

As a kid, I would see a small tree growing and I would marvel that it took so long to grow. The size remained the same, without much change. One time I attempted to uproot one which seemed to be "a walk over." I mustered all the strength in preparation for the wrestling match. The "mighty Geoffrey" and the helpless small short tree. The wrestling began, and it wasn't before long that I realised, that I can never " beat" that small tree. Later on in life, I realised that, the tree though it seemed small and stagnant, it was sending its roots deep into the soil, in readiness, not for "Geoffrey" but the winds that are stronger, and any other that will be a threat to its existence.

My friends, this is how I view the growth of Channel Of Life Christian Ministry.  Our roots are going deep into Christ and his word, in readiness for impacting the believer and equipping him for ministry and service. It is for this reason that I make this appeal: Pray for us, for our country and for those whom God will send to us, so that together we might fulfill his purpose. Do you have books that saints can read? Do you have tapes, CDs, VCDs that you would like to share with the saints here in Nairobi, Kenya?  If your answer is Yes, then become one the roots that will help us stabilise as we look forward to equipping the saints for the works of ministry. On behalf of CLCM and on my own behalf, we do appreciate you and your giving heart; even so I encourage you to get in touch with me, for more information on what we can partner together in this ministry.  You are blessed and thank you for choosing to be involved in this ministry.