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Tibet Travel|China

As a tourism worker, mainly engaged in adventure tourism in Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. If you have any questions about these places, please leave a comment. I will be happy to answer your questions.

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Tibet Travel

Tibet Travel ( Prije 620 dana) (0)

  Local Tibet agency needs the following documents & info from each and every traveler to obtain a Tibet Travel Permit (TTB).  The time needed to apply for it changes irregularly. But you usually need at least 16 days prior to file the application with these documents &. info. Tibet Tourism Bureau will issue TTB permit about 7 days or so prior tour starting date.

  1. Colour-scan/photo of valid passport photo page.
  2. Colour-scan/photo of valid China visa page.
    (except L Visa, tourist visa, any other types of China Visa need additional stamped paper in Mandarin from your school/company in China, in which your name, passport No., position, company add should be stated.)
  3. From which city of China you plan to enter Tibet & which city of China you plan to depart to after your Tibet tour.
    (please be aware, entering/departing city will be print on your permit, once issued it would be the only city you be able to enter/depart. takes extra time & fee if later you want to change it)
  4. Job occupation. If currently unemployed or retired, please let us know your former job.
    (journalists, government officers, and  professional film/photography team, etc. won't be able to travel Tibet through a travel agency)