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PicturePope John Paul the second a great spiritual giant of our modern times, 
longest reigned pope in two milleniumChristian history after Saint Peter. 
As soon as he elected to the papal office the first word he ever spoke "Fear not" word of Jesus Christ  Matthew 28:18-20 this message of Christ echoed in more than 140 nations, more than 100 trips affectedly circle the globe 27 times. His journey around the world is equivalent to 3 times the distance to moon, strengthening the faith of the whole flocks a simple message is look at Jesus Christ who gives true meaning of life! His strong love for Jesus Christ become his passion, Okay Christian America Do you know just a week before he become chief pontiff of theuniversal church he has humbly invited the most beloved Evangelist of all time Billy Graham, to preach in a Krakows cathedral (Poland) to a thronging audience. He was the largest crowd puller in 1995 youth rally in Manila he drew as many as 7 million in a rain soaked football stadium. He pointed the youth to Christ open your hearts wide to Jesus Christ. He was the first pope to visit a mosque and a synagogue.He certainly brought unity among the Christian Church. He openly called the schism and division as a scandal and a black eye on christian witness. He addressed Jewish believers as older brother he deeply apologized for all Catholic offenses. In all he never syncretize or compromise his faith in Jesus Christ.  He assembled  many major religious leaders taught them how to coexist peacefully for the development of the marginalized, outcast, poor, needy, and rejectedWhile blessing  the flocks in St. Peter's Square Vatican a turkish militant an agent of KGB Mehmt Ali agca fired upon at close range suffering near fatal wounds to his abdomen, intestine, and other organs. After his deadly encounter with death he personally met with Mehmt Ali Agca in prison room totally forgiving him as Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 23:34) A great Christ like model to forgive those who have wronged not to retaliate or being violent, Pope John Paul 2 was the most responsible for the fall of Soviet Empire along with our great President Ronald Reagan.