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URWERK UR-T8, transformer

UR is URWERK. T is a transformer. 8 action of this reversible case. For the 20th anniversary of the brand plus 20, you will have URWERK UR-T8, which is the watch created by Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner so far, they have tried everything in the watch since 1997, they are in style and manner Everything experienced in order to show time. UR-T8 is all. It's bold, it's futuristic, it's provocative, very unusual... that's why we like URWERK, not just why. Look, we like it... but that's why.Urwerk UR-T8 SKULL

In our introductory article, we show you the UR-T8, a watch that was very familiar at first, and I still have some doubts about it. Generally speaking, I am a fan of URWERK (and I am really an admirer), especially worth mentioning are two watches: UR-103, the purest one for me, with a bold and low-key design This show summarizes the ideas behind the brand. There is also a UR-210S full metal jacket, an over-extended watch, heavy, big (too big for me but I don't care), provocative, complicated, but at the same time, it also has a certain purity and smoothness, with this complete metal The appearance. I have the opportunity to wear it for a long time as a daily beater (I know, there are many reasons to hate me now), never, I found that they have problems. Of course, this is very personal, almost emotional, far from rational.

However, when I saw the news photos of the 20th anniversary creation, this new URWERK UR-T8, I was skeptical. There is no objective reason, just a feeling. News photos will never bring praise to the watch. A watch is a three-dimensional object that needs to be appreciated by proportion, light, and reflection. Of course, it needs to be worn. This is what I did during the 2017 SIHH. Objectively speaking, there is a lot of love here.ZENITH EL PRIMERO replica

One of URWERK's signature features has been satellite complexity, which can be found on the first watch (UR-101) manufactured by Frei & Baumgartner in 1997 and can be found on almost all later manufactured watches (UR-102, UR-103, UR-110, UR-20x, UR-210, UR-105, UR-106). Many versions of this display already exist. Some simple, only two discs (UR-101 and 102), some have cubes and retrogrades (UR-210), some have 4 discs, some have cubes pointing to a minute track... this concept has been Use and abuse For our greatest pleasure, always a technically complex feast, but (this is its beauty) every time is a great, almost naive, legible. This has always been a sign of the brand. If this display is far from the traditional hand, if it requires very complex technical implementation, the result is always very simple to read. This is not the case with independent watchmakers...

How about the new UR-T8? Well, I won’t be surprised when I look at the dial. The display is completely faithful to URWERK production for 20 years. Still based on a carousel with satellites, discs like 105, 103 and 106 are used, and still have separate numbers, hours can be clearly identified and run on semi-circular tracks to indicate the elapsed minutes. In addition, this watch has some UR-110 appearance, with a minute track on the side of the case and no (such as 103, 202 or 105) in the lower part. How to read the time? Take a look at the photo above; this is 6 hours and 34 minutes. Simple and easy. For the UR-T8, this is your only indication. However, don't be fooled, the mechanism behind this display is very complicated and actually much more complicated than before.

On a three-armed carousel, the four-person group was swept for 60 minutes in 12 hours, displaying time in digital and analog form. Basically, sitting in the middle of a turntable with 3 arms, driven by the hour axis of the movement - but accelerated, because it will rotate 8 times a day instead of 2. On each arm, one module contains 4 The number, each of these modules every hour of the day, a satellite, is also an independently rotating carousel. So far, no difference with other watches of the brand. From 0 to 60 minutes, the numbers are still visible and run along the minute track. Once it reaches 60, the upcoming satellite module will follow its journey. At the same time, when hidden under the enclosure, the satellite will spin itself to prepare the number that will appear on the minute track later (see the video below for details). However, this URWERK UR-T8 celebrates 20 years of satellite complexity and must bring more.replica watches for sale

The evolution of satellite complexity involves numbers and how they are positioned when they are running on minute orbits. For example, on the UR-105, they follow the curvature of the track - they are always perpendicular to the track. In the UR-T8, the numbers are located on a planet gear so that they are always in a horizontal plane - so regardless of their position on the minute track, they are always fully visible and straight when viewed. So it's not 2 separate rotations done by the whole mechanism, but 3 times - the main turntable, 3 satellites and 4 digits per satellite.

For the first time, URWERK pioneered a convertible case. A futuristic Reverso... We already know that most URWERK watches show interest in both parties, not because they show the movement (like most watches), but because of the large control panel Part of the creation is hidden on the bottom cover - this is the precision, power reserve or turbine control winding system. However, their case is classic fixed. For the UR-T8, we have a "transformer", a two-sided watch that can be worn on both sides.

A series of precise actions unlock the shell from the cradle, flip it over and click back to protect the time under the titanium shield. Press the two buttons on the side of the housing again to release it, lift it up vertically, rotate it 180° about its axis, then click it back into the bracket to return to the time display. Our idea is to have a mysterious object on the wrist at the same time, there is actually nothing to display, or in the case of flipping, a huge, bold and creative watchmaking process with a unique display. It depends on you, until the event, until the situation... The new UR-T8 is a two-in-one concept. Most interestingly, with this watch, Martin Frei explained that URWERK wanted to create a watch that recalls the Reverso watch, also known as some of the most conservative watches. The Reverso concept has been pushed to a whole new level here.

Personally, when I saw this URWERK UR-T8, I saw the case texture of the UR-105 T-Rex, the shape of the Torpedo UR-110 and the mix of the right display, and finally the UR-103. In the shape of the top crystal. However, I like how to integrate all of these elements into one watch. It is not a copy of the past, not an unbalanced mix, not something that feels. However, it has some inspiration, but it makes it a very good commemorative watch.breguet replica