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Andreas|Feb 24, 2008

First Blog Entry

It's 1:45 am and I am really tired. The basic blog function is ready. Stefan is keeping me up, while programming the last line of code. Great. I think it's not the daytime per se, but rather the 3 Schnitzels we each had only a few hours | još
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Andreas|Feb 25, 2008

Good morning

Good morning everyone. A new week has begun and we are up to full speed again, workin and living for the Glory of God. Today I have to find a way to get to the Slovak embassy in Vienna in time, while securing our Chinese translation, seeing our new | još
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Andreas|Feb 25, 2008


12:30 and I am in a frenzy behind the desk. No, I am not yelling at someone on the phone. Sometimes my phone just isn't working. Gotta call the phone company. Talking about phones: call me sometime! Gotta run now, having a meeting soon, but still | još
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Andreas|Feb 25, 2008


Hey there. Wow, busy monday. Great! I love it like that. Had lunch with Stefan and Stefan. (yes, two Stefans), talking about PR for and some issues regarding video upload process. (yes, that concerns you, because it will determine, how and | još
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DCMedia|Feb 25, 2008

The L.A. Dream Center - A Home For Hurting People

With over 200 ministries this truly is the place to be - The L.A. Dream Center! Located near downtown L.A in the old Queen of Angels Hospital, the Dream Center reaches out to the hurting people of the inner city. The Dream Center is a | još
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DCMedia|Feb 25, 2008

Dream Center - Internet Radio Broadcasting

The Dream Center, internationally acclaimed as the institution America built "One Life At A Time", has enlarged it's reach with the launch of it's internet radio station - Dream Center It launched December 3rd, 2007 and is a 24-hour | još
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Andreas|Feb 26, 2008

Tuesday, 19:46 CET

Lots of work today. But it is good to get it done. On the phone with Airlines, organizing upcoming travels in March and April, which I will spend mostly in the United States. I will miss my staff in Vienna, but that's my job. Next week will be | još
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DCMedia|Feb 26, 2008

Dream Center Elev8 Conference

It is truly time to Elevate. We invite you to join us July 24-26 for the Dream Center's Elevate Conference. We are going to rise up together during this amazing conference with some incredible speakers, sessions, worship and fellowship. In | još
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Andreas|Feb 28, 2008

Wednesday, 21:52 CET

Time for a quick update. Today I was able to finalize a few important things for NRB next week. What do you think an Austrian booth serves at an American exhibition? Yes, you are right: Mozarkugeln, traditional Austrian chocolate. Well, we probably | još
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Andreas|Feb 29, 2008

Friday 20:07 CET

Alrighty. I'm packed again. Lots of promotion material: 2 X 32 kg luggage and a 20 kg carry on with 2 computers... - the joys of traveling to NRB from Europe. But I am very excited. However, getting ready for the flight tomorrow made me miss the | još
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jedidija|Mar 03, 2008

If we are the body of christ… If we are the body, why don’t these feet go? If we are the body, why don’t these lips speak? If we are the body, why don’t these eyes see all the problems, all the sorrows, all the needs? If we are the | još
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Andreas|Mar 03, 2008

Moravian Falls, 11:30 am EST

Landed safely in North Carolina and already had a good night of rest and a great meeting and prayer time with Tony and Nancy Miosi, from Euromedia Missions. This morning we prayed for, too and Tony had a very significant prophecy for it and | još
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Andreas|Mar 04, 2008

Charlotte, 9:26 am EST

Yesterday I got to see the Heritage USA property for the first time. Morningstar (Rick Joyner) owns most of it now and they have church in the lobby (very extensive lobby) of Jim Bakker's former hotel. Amazing place. Interesting architecture and | još
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Andreas|Mar 05, 2008

Atlanta, 8:35 am EST

On the way to Atlanta. More meetings and picking up gear for the booth at NRB. It'll be great to see my friends in Atlanta and Nashville again. Friends like Craig and Jeff are awesome to have - helping me out with equipping the booth. It's awesome | još
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DCMedia|Mar 06, 2008

Master's Commission L.A.

Master's Commission Los Angeles is designed and committed to train up and equip the next generation of world-changers. Master's Commission has become more than just a program. It has developed into a movement that follows in the pace and heartbeat | još
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