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Effects of early parenting interventions on parents and infants

Aug 26, 2017

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Something that's been bugging me and I would like your opinion please, anyway:
Yesterday before I headed to work my sister texted me to ask if I could drop off something at her work that she'd left at mine hen she visited recently. I said that I would.
Anyway, I get to her work and am greeted at the reception by a friendly lady who would probably be in her late 40s/early 50s. I explained who I was and what I was there for and she joked around saying was I in her bad books and that why I was doing her a favour?! 
I laughed it off and said that I was just returning a favour to my sister, so then off I went.

The review showed that parents who received parenting interventions were significantly more responsive to their baby compared to those who did not. All studies included in the review assessed for parental responsiveness using observation measures, with researchers looking for responsiveness and sensitivity to infant distress and social signals, and parents’ anticipation of their infant’s needs.

Infants whose parents received the interventions also had significantly better sleep behaviours than those whose parents did not receive the intervention. The impact of the interventions on infant sleep, however, was not as strong as the impact on parental responsiveness. Sleep behaviours were mostly assessed through the use of behavior diaries, filled out by parents.  

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