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Should I worry that my fiancee fancies another man?

Aug 26, 2017

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Ok, well basically, myself and her are really great and happy and we are getting married in a couple of years and about to complete purchase of a new house together. All great and good. She has however started a uni course which is one day a week and she had her induction day last week. At the weekend, I heard her on the phone to a couple of her friends telling them about the course and that there's a guy on it who's "smoking hot" and "such a damn hottie". Also that he looks like a celebrity she really fancies as well apparently. Anyway, although at the moment, it's all good as we all like the look of other people sometimes, my real fear is when she starts this course once a week for two years, it'll become more than this and it'll mess the wedding up and ruin the new house, given its such a huge investment for us both. As I say, things are amazing now, which I guess is why I don't want to raise it with her, and really, she hasn't done anything wrong yet. Sorry if it sounds really silly but I have been hurt badly before and I really couldn't go through it again.

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