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3 ways to reset AOL password

Jul 26, 2019

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Also known as, AIM Mail, AOL mail is a free web-based email service that comes up with unlimited storage space, up to 25 MB attachment limit, and a bunch of other features. It delivers a delightful and safe emailing experience to consumers and businesses. Like any other email service, AOL also requires a user to follow the sign up process to create a new account.

During the sign up process, every user is asked to provide a recovery email address and the phone number. These account recovery options are used if a user forgets his account log in credentials. If you have also forgotten your AOL account password and have no clue what to do, then this article is exclusively for you. Follow any of the three below-given processes to access your AOL account like before:

Via Recovery email address

  1. Go to the AOL mail login page by typing in the URL
  2. Click Trouble Signing in
  3. Provide your recovery email address and click Continue
  4. You will receive a password reset code or password reset link on your given email ID
  5. Log in to the mail and find the AOL password reset mail
  6. Get the code or link and reset your mail password

7.       Set a new password for your account

Through Recovery phone number

  1. Click Trouble Signing in on the AOL mail sign in page
  2. Enter your recovery phone number
  3. Click Continue
  4. You will receive a password reset code on the number

5.       Enter the code on the next page and set a new password for your account

Via sign-in email address or phone number

In case, if you haven’t added the recovery email or phone number, then use the sign-in email ID to get the recovery code and set a new password. The entire process is similar to the one mentioned above. Follow the same and reset AOL password.

Tips to keep in mind while setting up a new password

Passwords such as “123456”, “abcdef” “your name” and “your date of birth” are easy to crack. Therefore, it is always recommended to set a strong password for your account. Moreover, it is also strictly advised not to share your password with anyone. Whenever you find any unusual activity with your AOL mail account, change its password without delay. Lastly, don’t forget to read the password guidelines before setting up a new password.

For further assistance on AOL password reset, contact AOL customer support professionals.